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Hampton Bay Altura Bronze Ceiling Fan

A larger ceiling fan, this Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fan spans 68″ in terms of the fan blades. That’s pretty big. Most fans are all smaller than 60″ in terms of blade span, so this fan is quite large. A nice thing about this fan is, even though it’s a larger fan – and will move significantly more air than other fans – it’s still relatively inexpensive. At $199, this ceiling fan tends to be even less expensive than many of it’s smaller counterparts.

If you are looking to move some air in a larger room, this is the fan for the required operation. This fan is suitable for rooms up to 20ft x 20 ft (up to 400 square feet of area). The fan weighs 31 pounds in total. Dimensions are 29.8 x 18.8 x 10.9 inches (with a blade span of
68 inches). The fan is constructed of wood and has a bronze finish.

One site visitor asked: Do you know where I can find a light fixture for the Hampton Bay Altura 68″ Ceiling Fan?

The answer: No, we don’t have this product here on our website, nor were we able to find it. Try contacting Home Depot via their
phone number or community support forums for this.

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. White Ceiling Fan With Light

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. White Ceiling Fan With Light

A Hugger Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan is useful when you don’t have enough space in the room. So for instance, you have a really short ceiling. Typically, a ceiling fan is mounted with a downrod. This means the fan hangs from the ceiling. However, if your ceiling is short and you’d like to save on ceiling space, than a hugger fan will work for you.

A hugger fan is also called a “flushmount” fan because it mounts flush to the ceiling. You do not need any downrod to mount it.

Some fans are “dual-mount,” this means that they will mount to the ceiling via either a downrod or flushmount both. Dual mount fans are useful if you need to uninstall and remount a fan elsewhere after purchasing.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Easy to install, Does the job, looks Nice. Will buy again
By Valeria on June 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought this for myself, but when my tenant mentioned she needed a ceiling fan, I installed in in her bedroom . It was easy to do and it made a big difference in the ambient air comfort. The 5 blades move smoothly and silently. I thought about getting the standard 4 blade fan but I think I’ll order another couple of these. Plus the light is a flat bowl instead of the super lame fish bowl style, so it takes up less of your field of vision, and looks nicer, less cheap looking. I’m heading over to Home Depot to get more of these since Amazon’s supplier is out for now.

Added 8/10/2013:
I’ve put up another one of these, with the help of my wonderful BF. It installs very easily, and was a snap to put up ( easier the second time of course) One thing to note during installation:the screws that hold on the outer motor cover are hard to unscrew. what makes it worse is that the instructions don’t tell you to loosen them till the motor brace is already up and installed so you have to try to loosen them while standing on a ladder. Worse yet, the screws are soft metal so it is very easy to strip. My recommendation: loosen the screws on the metal brace before attaching it to the fan box, you will be relieved later, and will say fewer foul words if you do this earlier than later.

Still enjoying the nice, smooth, quiet breeze. I love this fan and will be installing at least one more this summer.

Update 10/1/2013
I just realized that I never left a Seller feedback for the company. It’s too late to do it formally, so I thought I’d just add it here. Um, I’d give them 5 stars for speed of delivery, the package arrived in good time, I was contacted by the seller, and it was a pleasant exchange, the product was nicely packaged, no damage to the box or the contents. I have to say that I would have bought another one from them if they had had any more in stock. That’s all!

New From: $70.55 USD In Stock

Hampton-Bay UC7078T With Reverse Remote Control

Hampton Bay Remote Control UC7078T with Reverse and Hampton Bay Logo

Has the Reverse button
Wall mount included
Made to specificly control your ceiling fan speed and light brightness
Item Weight 3.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 5.5 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches
Origin China
Color White
Finish plastic
Item Package Quantity 1
Number Of Pieces 9
Usage Ceiling fan
Batteries Required? Yes

Q: will it work any hampton bay fan without adding any extra hardware.
I did not have to install anything extra to get the remote to work. The only difficult part of getting the remote to work was figuring out the dip switch setting. I took a chance on this remote mainly because of the cost. The ones lowes and home depot sell are around 40 bucks and there is a chance of it still not…

Q: Does this work with other brands of fans?

Q: Remote hampton UO7078T works with which fan
Mine was Redington II 52 inch ceiling fan Models 175 – 718/620/652 and 702 Hampton Bay

New From: $21.99 USD In Stock

Where can I find a manual for my Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

Finding a manual for your Hampton Bay fan can be tough. Why is that? Well, say your fan was made 5 years ago. Say it was made 10 years ago. So, where do you go exactly to find the manual that you need for your fan?

Obviously the first place to look is the box that came with your fan. Now, assuming that you don’t have that, here are some additional options to find your fan manual.

Try searching online

The first thing you can try doing is Googling. Yes, we know that you may have tried that already. But it’s worth throwing out there. Typically, these manuals will come as a PDF format that you can download to your computer.

Try contacting Home Depot

Home Depot has a community help forum, where you can post a question and an actual employee of the store will get back to you. Since Hampton Bay is owned by Home Depot these days, this can be an effective method of getting answers. Also there is a 1800 number as well that will be pretty effective at getting you the support you need for your fan.

The user manual usually includes the following,

  • A guide on how to use the ceiling fan – main functions.
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions about the ceiling fan that you have, or are trying to find information on.
  • How to get more help if the manual does not resolve your query.
  • Potential problems, and a troubleshooting section on how to solve common issues.

The ceiling fan manual may also have a parts guide, which lists the parts numbers for your fan. If you need to find a replacement blade, replacement globe or even a motor, parts guides are often useful.