Hampton Bay Warranty

A warranty is something that people usually don’t worry too much about, until the time that something has broken. It’s not just this way for ceiling fans –  many consumers behave this way. Call it the psycology ofr the consumer, if you will. Once something breaks, suddenly the scramble is on – is this problem covered? How do I get support, or a replacement part covered under the warranty? These are normal, and valid questions, that we will attempt to help you resolve here on this page.

The first thing you can do when you have a failure or need to get a new part, is to contact the store that you bought the fan at. The store where it was purchased will usually provide you with next steps and who to contact to obtain support. If it’s a Hampton Bay fan that you need help or support for, you can reach out to the 1-800 number that is mentioned in the manual. They will help you.

If your fan’s warranty has expired, or you are advised that you need to purchase the part that you need, browse around on this website to find the replacement part that is required.

Hampton Bay Replacement Fan Blades
Replacement fan blades, and/or fan blade brackets for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

Your Hampton Bay fan comes with a lifetime motor warranty, and a one year warranty on the fan body. If you are having a problem with the fan, you’ll need to determine where the problem is originating from, and whether it will be covered under the warranty or not.

To determine the problem with your fan, we may recommend that you check our troubleshooting guides. The best thing to do is to diagnose the problem with your fan first.

Is your fan having a wobbling problem, or making other noises? It could be unbalanced. This is a problem that can be corrected and does not have to use the warranty to do so – you can fix it yourself
by using a blade balancing kit, and going through our troubleshooting guide.

Is your fan having a problem with the remote – is the remote not working?

The only real problems that you can trace back to the motor, is the fan does not turn at all. And this would have to not be a wiring problem before it would be a motor problem. The motor is the last thing to go in your fan – and this is why there is a lifetime warranty on it, to back that up. So it’s rarely going to be this problem.

Other replacement parts for a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan include:

  • Replacement Light Kit
  • Replacement Fan Blades
  • Replacement Pullchain
  • Replacement Glass Globe