Hampton Bay Replacement Bulbs

Hampton Bay replacement bulbs are often sought after. A bulb breaks, and low and behold, you need to find another bulb. You may need a candleabra bulb, or a bulb that is dimmable. This may sound like obvious advice, but it’s best to replace an existing bulb with the
same type of bulb if you can. The same function is important. E.G you may have trouble dimming a bulb that wasn’t made to be dimmed. It’ll likely make a popping sound, and you’ll need to replace the bulb again.

Dimmable bulbs are useful in bedrooms, living rooms, etc. When you want to be able to turn down the light and make it not as hard on the eyes, but more soothing. In the bedroom, having a dimmable bulb is nice when you are feeling sleepy and want to turn down the light in the room. In the living room, dimming the light is a useful way to prepare for a movie with the rest of the family.

LED light bulbs are also becoming more common nowadays. These LED light bulbs are not that expensive, and they are useful in a bind when you need a replacement light bulb to fill the gap. These light bulbs don’t use more wattage than other bulbs; the wattage usage is pretty much the same.

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E12 LED Bulb 60Watts

Long lifespan

This e12 led bulb has Long lifespan over 30000hours, reduce bulbs replacing frequency.

Great E12 replacement ( Warm White 2700K )

It is the same size as a traditional e12 light bulb, but with a sleek and neat design, producing a comfortable and relaxing soft white light.

Saving electricity bill ( Replace 60W )

This E12 bulb can replace your current incandescent light bulbs 60 Watt and save 90% electricity.

Efficient illumination (600lm )

Each b11 led bulb provides approximately 600lumens of light, improving ambiance, energy-efficiency and comfort in your home.

Best Household lighting: Ideal for INDOOR household use

Our Ambimall E12 candelabra Fit for home lighting, coffee shop, mall, bar, restaurant, hotel, etc. Perfect for INDOOR household use in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, bedrooms, hallway, pendant fixtures or ceiling fixtures, etc..


– Base: E12

– Power: 6W

– CRI: Ra>80

– Lumen: 600LM

– Voltage: AC 85-265V

– CCT: Warm White 2700K

– Size: diameter 1.44”; height 4.14”

– Material: Aluminum coated plastic

– Dimmable: No


1. This E12 LED bulb is powered by AC 85-265V circuit and is not dimmable, Please don’t use them with dimmer switch, as the dimmer may cause the LED lights flicker, noise, or even damage.

2. DON’T use them in a completely enclosed appliance.

3. Switch off the power before replacing the  E12 led ligth.

4. Keep away from direct sunshine and too high temperature .

5. Indoor use only.

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