Hampton Bay Altura Bronze Ceiling Fan

A larger ceiling fan, this Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fan spans 68″ in terms of the fan blades. That’s pretty big. Most fans are all smaller than 60″ in terms of blade span, so this fan is quite large. A nice thing about this fan is, even though it’s a larger fan – and will move significantly more air than other fans – it’s still relatively inexpensive. At $199, this ceiling fan tends to be even less expensive than many of it’s smaller counterparts.

If you are looking to move some air in a larger room, this is the fan for the required operation. This fan is suitable for rooms up to 20ft x 20 ft (up to 400 square feet of area). The fan weighs 31 pounds in total. Dimensions are 29.8 x 18.8 x 10.9 inches (with a blade span of
68 inches). The fan is constructed of wood and has a bronze finish.

One site visitor asked: Do you know where I can find a light fixture for the Hampton Bay Altura 68″ Ceiling Fan?

The answer: No, we don’t have this product here on our website, nor were we able to find it. Try contacting Home Depot via their
phone number or community support forums for this.

11 thoughts on “Hampton Bay Altura Bronze Ceiling Fan”

  1. I am looking for the Altura bronze ceiling fan in a size smaller than 60 inches, 48 inches or 52inches would be ideal.

    Are these sizes available?
    Thank yyou.

  2. I have Alture Fan and I have noticed that the fan has a mind of its own. It will speed up, change directions or even turn off.
    I suspected the remote was getting interference. So tried different dip switch settings, and it still continues. Could it be a problem with the fan’s control board? The fan is 1 1/2 years old and has been doing this from the beginning.

  3. I have an Altura fan. It wouldn’t work via the remote this season. After removing the bottom and pulling the connector apart it started but won’t operate via remote. What is wrong?

  4. I bought the large aurora fan 3 months ago. It worked awesome for a short while. Now it won’t respond to the remote. What’s the next step. Does it really need a new receiver already? Or am I missing something?

  5. I have an Altura fan for a number of years. This year the high speed didn’t work but we could live with it like that , The other two speeds worked and also reverse. This week the middle speed doesn’t work nor does reverse or being able to turn it off or on with remote. I have tried fresh batteries but to no avail . I would like to know what’s wrong with it and whether I can get parts . Of course it’s 30 degrees so we really need to get it fixed. Thank you and look forward to a response. Don. Durnie

  6. We love the Altura fan, but a 60″ span is too large for our outdoor space. Can we interchange the 56″ indoor fan blade with the 60″ outdoor fan blade.?

  7. hi i have a altura 68 inch fan
    it wont work
    I got a new receiver from home depot support
    still the same
    it just hums on all speeds but wont turn the blades
    any ideas

  8. Hamton bay altura fan does not respond to commands and runs continuously at mid speed. ok so i think a guest in house set all dip switch to down position how do i set them back to factory settings ?? thanks

  9. Hello! I have the 52″ energy star ceiling fan, the chain for the on-off broke and there is nothing outside of the hole. How do I get into that “hub” to replace the pull chain? Thank you so very much!! Phil, aka Pap

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