Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans are a house brand of a major retailer. If you are looking to purchase a Hampton Bay fan, that is often the best place to find these particular fans.

If you are having trouble with a Hampton Bay fan, there are a few different things you can do. First of all, you can use our contact page to get in touch with us. We will post your question on our website and attempt to answer it as best we can, or point you in the direction where you may be able to find help.

Also there is a community repair online forum which you can find by Google searching. The Home Depot forums are a great place to get help because you can post your question, and someone will attempt to get back in touch with you.

In any case, the best thing to do when you have a problem with your fan is to first locate the make & model, if you don’t know what kind of fan it is. Check the box that came with the fan, check the manual, and if all else fails, you’ll have to take the fan down and look for the code in the fan housing. Generally, the code that represents the make and model will be under the fan, on the base, or inside the housing.

Once you know your make and model of fan, try looking online for your problem, or calling customer support.

Home Depot also has a community support form where they answer questions. This can be useful, as you can post a question and someone who works for Home Depot will actually get back to you.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

If you need a Hampton Bay replacement part, we can help you with that. Here are the most common Hampton Bay replacement parts that people search for, and why:

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

A Hampton Bay replacement remote is sought after for two reasons: because your remote can stop working after a number of years, and for those who lose the remote. Either case can happen to anyone, so don’t feel bad! We’ll help you to find a new remote.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades

If you have a blade balancing problem, or one of your blades is warped, you may need to replace a blade. Finding a replacement blade can be difficult because you need to find one that is the right size.

Hampton Bay Replacement Glass Globe

if you were trying to replace a bulb, and your glass globe shattered and broke, you’ll need to find a new globe. Luckily, a replacement glass globe is not that expensive. The only problem is you need to find one which is the right size to fit your existing fan.

Hampton Bay Light Kits

A Hampton Bay Light Kit will attach to an existing Hampton Bay fan. If you have another brand of ceiling fan, the light kit may still attach to it as well. Light kits are a good purchase if you don’t yet have a light kit attached to your fan, or if you need to replace or possibly upgrade your ceiling fan. Adding a light kit illuminates the room and adds another function to your fan.

Hampton Bay Warranty

Help or replacement parts, repair and maintenance help can be found with Home Depot. We also have phone numbers listed for Hampton Bay customer support, so if you are trying to find help that may also be useful. The warranty period on a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan generally only applies to the motor. You’ll have a one year warranty on parts, but that’s about it most of the time. Hampton Bay does provide a lifetime warranty on the motor.

202 thoughts on “Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans”

  1. I just bought a new Hampton Bay ceiling fan and want to mail in my Owner Registration Card but there is no address provided to send it to. Please advise where this should be mailed and if there is an option to do this online as well.

    Thank you.

  2. We have just bought a house in which there are three Springview 52″ Ceiling Fans. They work well except that the one in the bedroom makes a loud humming sound. What can be done?
    Info from the instruction book: ETL Model 754 692. UPC 718212149218. Thanks for your help.

  3. Can you please give me the light kit number for the following fan. Langston 60″ in oil rubbed bronze. The pull switch will not click to turn the light on anymore

  4. need a 3 1/4 bottom fan switch*** plate [white…the plate most people throw away] to install light kit..any ideas 42 inch Hampton bay…..thanks ,charles

  5. Hi,

    I am looking for a replacement 3 speed switch (with pull chain). I replaced with home Depot generic brand and had no luck.

    Model no. is C552HTT (ch) AB
    UPC# 718167007748


  6. My remotes stopped working. Home Depot replaced them with exact looking remotes only. I took pics of the codes. I put in batteries and set the codes and the remotes light up but do not operate the fan or light kit. Upon further inspection it turns out the circuit board on my okd(last year) remotes was red and these new remotes are green. Can you PLEASE help me. The fans I selected DO NOT have a chai pull for the lightly or fan so at this point they are just a pretty decoration in my home.

    Thank you
    Sandy Myers

  7. Hi,
    I would like a price on replacing the 5 blades on my GLACIER model 659 907 Pinnacle ceiling fan. I love my fan but the blades are starting to look cloudy and they no longer clean up well. I only use warm soapy warm and a clean dry cloth on them. The fan is probably 15 years old. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.
    Dot Salter

  8. My wife an I are wanting to purchase the 52″ Savona. Do you make a 24′ or better down rod for this model?
    Thanks for you’re time.

  9. We have 2 of the Brookedale 60″ ceiling fans and we are having issues with not being able to turn them on/off or adjust fan speeds using the remotes .

  10. My fan is turning on by itself. This fan was installed two years ago and this just started. No one changed the switches or codes. How do I stop this. What part do i replace

  11. I am in need of a Allen wrench with the center cutout to remove and replace the fan blades. It is a Hampton Bay unit about 13 years old.
    My cell# is 954 494 6086.
    I did try my local Home Depot

  12. Hi there,

    I own two Winward II 54in fans and I am having the following issues with them:
    1) One fan, the remote does not work at all but I’m not sure how to tell if it is the sensor or the remote that is broken.
    2) Other fan, turns off and on by itself. Very random timings.

    Fans are about 14 months old and for the price, I would expect them to not have these issues so early on. Would greatly appreciate any perspective on how to diagnose and remedy the issues above.

    Thank you!

  13. my 3 year old hamilton bay fan caught fire.
    was running fine – then sparks, smoke and flames occurred until the power shut OFF completely. bought two. other unit is fine…
    now i need to match the unit – having trouble. don’t see it on home depot website. i have a photo if it helps locate a match.
    HELP !

  14. Looking for replacement hardware to put blades on unit. I moved and lost the bolts to install fan…. can i order somehow just the bolts? Fan specs below:

    Model # 3431
    Hampton bay pilot.

    Please help! !!

  15. Our Hampton bay ceiling fan is making a loud knocking noise since we installed it. This is even without the blades. It was almost impossible to install… Now this.

  16. The pull chain on my fan must be ran through two holes down through the globe. The problem is when this is done the chain gets stuck and will not work at all. If we try to let the chain hang outside of the globe the fan blades hit it. What can we do to fix this problem?

  17. My old remote for Hampton bay ceiling part no 86682-02 CFCs I’d no IN2TX23 the light switch does not work but the fan is ok. I need a new one but this model has been extinct. Will the new model work?

  18. We bought a new house with a Hampton Bay fan installed already. My question is the remote has stopped working and was wondering where I could get a replacement? Thank you for your time. (Theresa (trozier1963@yahoo.com )

  19. I have a Hampton Fan in the Kitchen and I want to move it to a bedroom. I can’t figure out how to take it down and reinstall it. Can you send me the installation manual?

  20. 1. Can I get 36″ or 48″ down rods to fit the ‘Lyndhurst’ model? Home Depot seems not to have one that I think is a fit.

    2. Can I use dimmable LED bulbs instead of the supplied CFL bulbs?



  22. I need to replace my fan/light remote due to our dog(s) eating it. The label on the back says: UVWRF-2. It’s a 4-pin.
    Not much else to recognize. Thank you

  23. Replaced pull chain on 56″ Antiqua oil rubbed fan with palm leaves. May have crossed wires because the fan will mot turn off. Can I get the color codes to re attach for proper operation.

  24. I lost my remote for the Hampton Bay Bercello Estates 52 in. Volterra Bronze Ceiling Fan. How can I get another one? Or which model number universal control should I buy?

  25. My Hampton Bay ceiling fan/light has 25w bulbs in it. The man at Home Depot said he thought I could replace with 60w, but wasn’t sure. Will 60w still be safe? The light is very dim. Thank you

  26. Have 4 hampton bay fans in my living room ceiling one has stopped working . Only a clicking sour when I hit the remote.
    where can I get this fixed it is a 54″ Windward 11. Brushed steel UPC08232552954.
    I do not see them at the Home depot where I purchased them 7 years ago.

    Please help

  27. I cannot find a replacement bulb for my 54″ windward fan. I have tried 4 Home Depot stores and a few lighting store and none have a 9″ bulb. I hope they are not discontinued because I have 3 of these fans

  28. I have 2 Hampton Bay Gazebi II 52 inch ceiling fans that need to have the globe removed and cleaned. No matter how hard I twist the globe counter clockwise, it won ‘t come loose. I’ve twisted the glode so hard that the metal housing for the globe started to move but the globe didn’t budge. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

  29. My Hampton Bay Windward II fan is working very well as a fan but the lamp is not working for the last two weeks. I changed the bulb but that was not the problem. Can you help me figure out what can it be?

    Model no. 54SHRL Made in Taiwan ROC 0066818

    Thank you

  30. I purchased a fan & light set, one of the light fixtures does not come on anymore. I don’t want to repair the whole kit, I would love to just replace the light -it’s pretty & fit the decor of my house.

  31. I need to replace the frosted light covers for my Hampton Bay Garrison Gun Metal Finish ceiling fan -52inch model ac438-gm

  32. I have a Windward II fan and the remote does not work. I am in Canada and cannot get the same remote. I can buy onehere that is twice the price and half the features. The fan was bought at Home Depot in Collingwood, Ontario. Any help in getting an exact replacement. See them online IN USA .

  33. I purchased Model # TK-5VTX3-34 not even a month ago, installed on my kitchen ceiling and 3 of the 5 bulbs are already out. Considering I spent over $130 on it, I would think these lights would last longer than a few weeks. It is very annoying to come home and have lights out in my kitchen when I’m trying to cook. I haven’t had a chance to get to Home Depot, and I only have 2 working bulbs.

  34. I’m missing one screw that holds in the blade. Where can I get a replacement? Its a Hampton Bay fan but I do not have the make/model #, its green in color. I tried Home Depot, took the screw with me, but no luck. Will search online to see if I can find the exact match.

  35. I have a hampton fan but the fan control stops working. It s a for/re control fan. FCC ID: CHQ7096T.

    Please let me know if you can repalce it as soon as possible.



  36. I have a E75795 model AC552 “88” fan
    Someone attempted to install a small bulb and sparks flew
    So We need a new light kit with the 9section plastic plug
    Where can we get a new one with four lights


  37. Similar to Amy Evants &Suzi deFosset comments in February, my fan/lights turn on at random. I have replaced the 9V battery with no change. Seems it is an issue with your fans…whats up??

  38. How do I get the screw under the motor on the blade out a screw driver won’t fit? I just want the blades off???

  39. We want to purchase the Caswyck ceiling fan 54″Model: 44913 | Store SKU: 1000459664 but will need to extend the fans length. Is there an extension rod available for this model?

  40. My Hampton ceiling fan remote stopped working. My fan is spinning slow,but still spining. The remote light is red which never usually is and if I push any of the bottoms its not working. I changed the battery’s to new ones, still nothing. I have read I. Other websites that your not suppose to switch the light switch on/off your suppose to turn it off only by the remote only…my bad I accidentally turned it off by the switch. But any who can u help?

  41. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan and of Homepot as usual cant get Me blade arm replacement part # ST306-002-22 Can You please send Me Some info on where to get them? They are Kind of off white color but at this time I will take any color. P.S. We have 5 Hampton Bay fans in our home now We are loyal cutomers.
    Thank You,

  42. Where can I find replacement metal clips that hold the globes in the light fixture? We were cleaning the fan and light fixture and one of them snapped in half. Now we cannot put one of the three globes back on. We checked at our local Home Depot and they did not have any.

    Thank you.

  43. Je cherche un model de ventilateur pour remplacer le mien qui est brisé, je désire le même model Vening Dusk.
    C’est un 52 po, Fini laiton antique.
    je n’en trouve pas pouvez vous m’aider et aussi me dire le prix du ventilateur. J’ai besoin du même car j’ai acheté tout l’ensemble à ce moment là.

    Hello, serching for a fan to replace mine, I want exactly same. Vening Dusk antique copper finish, it’s a 52 inch.
    I’m not able to find one so I need you to find one and also have the price. I need the same cause I bought all the kit at these moment.

  44. Re Hampton Bay fan SN000403. I took off the electrical housing case to install a light on my fan. I’ve misplaced that case and need to know where I can purchase a new one. Can you help?

  45. I bought two 60″ Carrington Ceiling Fans and the globe of one broke. Where can I purchase a replacement?
    Thank you

  46. Altura 56 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

    I love this fan. Unfortunately this is the 3rd fan I had installed in two years that stopped working shortly after installation. Is this a problem that will be fixed by Hampton Bay in the near future. According to the reviews I read online about this fan, I share most customers opinion. Many seem to love the fan but it breaks down quickly.

  47. I have had my Hampton Bay fan for a few years and have been happy with it. The remote recently stopped working. I took it to Home Depot and they said you don’t make it anymore. Can you help me? The only numbers I see on it are Set F/C FCC ID:CHQ8BT7096T

  48. I have 2 Hampton Bay Carrington 60 in. Indoor/Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fans from The Home Depot.
    In both units the air flow is to little in the high setting.
    What can I do?

  49. I need to replace one of the blades for the fan model no.525 930. Since I need to change one, I would like to purchase all 5 to make sure they match. How much would that cost and do you have them in stock?

  50. The pullchain for the lights on my hampton bay broke. I bought a replacement third party switch that has 3 wires Red blue black. I want one identical to the one that came in my cng fan Do you sell them??

  51. I just installed the “Steel Wave” track light in an entry way and I want a ceiling fan with a light kit to match. What Hampton Bay fan kit will complement it style wise?


  52. Bought two Hampton bay ceiling fan lights at Home Depot. They worked great for a while.. The light bulbs blow out constantly. And the last time it literally blew the bulb out of the socket leaving the threaded part in the light. The bulb landed on the table leaving a black residue all over the table. We changed the bulb and the one next to it. That one was just hanging in there as well. Now 3 wks later another bulb is flickering like it is blowing out. I am afraid to turn the thing on anymore. Why is this happening? I feel like this is a fire hazard.

  53. the globe broke on my 52″ ceiling fan. how can I contact you to get a replacement

  54. Ceiling fan with light kit, fan suddenly stopped working. 1yw2 is the number in the housing and also 0210010

  55. I need a replacement globe for my Hamilton bay Roanoke qehere can i purchase one at

  56. I bought 4 hamptonbay ventilation fans for my doctor’s office. Model BPT18-34A-2,
    or BPT18-54A-1 Not sure which i have, anyway; they are basically soundless, patients complain they need the sound. Is there anyway to turn the fan sound up? tx

  57. I have a model AC-418 ceiling fan that quit working.
    I replaced the batteries in the remote, fan and light still no response. Is the receiver replaceable? or is whole fan trash?

  58. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan for nearly two years. Last night, a fire started inside the light dome. The wire feeding one of the two light sockets malfunctioned and the fire started at that source. I do not use anything other than florescent bulbs (low heat). Can you help me replace this? I have pictures that I can tweet or send you.

  59. Our remote for a Hampton Bay Fan, Model UC7078T no longer works. Even after replacing the batteries in the remote, the light does not come on after pushing any button.

    How can I go about getting a replacement?

    Tom and Judi

  60. I purchased a Hampton Bay 52″ Windward IV remote controlled ceiling fan at Home Depot and had it professionally installed by a licensed electrician. It worked fine for nearly a year and then completely quit working. Electrical power is at the source. I have replaced the receiver and the remote with new original parts but nothing has worked. This has been very frustrating. Can you provide any suggestions, solutions or a replacement fan? The model number is 52 WWDIV. The UPC is 082392 266233. Thank you very much!!

  61. We bought a 52″south wind-bronze 2 yrs. ago at Home Depot. About 4 months ago the remote stopped working. It lights up, it will start the fan and you can go to all 3 speeds BUT then you cannot stop the fan. The remote lights up but the fan just keeps on running. We are very frustrated with this fan and this problem. What should we do?

  62. I have a Savona Tiffany 52 in Ceiling Fan purchased and installed by an electrician last summer. They hooked it up to be controlled by switches (sliders) on the wall. I just tried to reverse the fan using the remote (since there doesn’t seem to be a switch) but even though the red light on the remote comes on, nothing happens to reverse the fan. Any suggestions?

  63. I have a ceiling d&s with light and remote and need to change the bulb, can you help me. There is no obvious way to get into the light dome.

  64. My Hampton stopped working and the electrician found the fan speed control model # uc7058ry had a melt down. What happened it looked like it almost caught on fire I have pictures If you need them can I get a replacement fan speed control that will not melt down again

  65. Went to change the light bulbs in a friends house with an Antigua fan and the blades of the fan hang down so far that they touch the globe on the lights making the globe spin. It looks like the blade brackets are for a different fan they hang way down instead of straight out like most fans. I’ve never seen this before. Any ideas?

  66. Windward iv fan and light worked fine. Light began to flicker and then wouldn’t light. Replaced circle bulb, remote batteries still nothing. Then replaced florescent ballast. Light then worked when switched on but now blinks constantly when switch is off (very annoying at night). I even bought another ballast and bulb but same thing happens. How do I fix?

  67. Just bought a 52″ Copperhead indoor/outdoor fan. Need an 18 inch downrod. Can you help?

  68. Recently purchased a Hampton Bay “Great room” ceiling fan. We suddenly lost power and the fan no longer works. My husband is very familiar with circuitry but is not sure if the capacitors are run capacitors or start/run capacitors. Has anyone ever had issues with this or does anyone have any further information??? Getting rather frustrated as fan is brand new and sits 30 feet in the air so its not easy to work on….

  69. I need to purchase a replacement part for a ceiling fan. How do I go about doing that. Specifically I need an arm for a brook hurst 52″ ceiling fan from Hampton bay

  70. Looking at the Waterton II 52 in fan.. was wondering from ceiling to bottom of light kit how long it is? I have an 8′ ceiling only… if long can this be flush mounted and if so what is the “kit” number for it.. thanks and have a great day!

  71. I need a light globe for a Hampton Bay Gazebo II indoor/outdoor ceiling fan. Model YG188-WH, SKU 114024.
    Can you help me?

  72. We have the HB Devereaux II ceiling fan with light. Can the direction of the blades be changed from winter to summer flow ?
    I looked at the owner’s manual and didn’t see anything. thanks.

  73. We just purchased a house with a Hampton Bay fan.
    The lights work but not the fan.
    Any idea on how to get the fan to work or what brand name would actually be a fan that would work?-
    SKU# 740-125
    Date 1206
    Vendor #11289
    UPC # 792145350828
    SN: 003954 De
    Model : AC-552
    E75795 “YL-LQ”

  74. I have two hampton 52″ fans and the blades are warped. do you guarantee your fans

  75. I have an older Hampton Bay ceiling fan. It is over 8 years old the number I see on the label is 6203700. It doesn’t work. The remote doesn’t turn it on. The remote is one that has a temp. device on it to set a certain temp. I put new batteries in and it say battery low. I have bought two sets of batteries and both end up getting the response low battery. The control has FCC ID CH08377096T on it. Help. Lou

  76. I have found a style of ceiling fan w/light that I like, but I would like a different color/light scheme; do you offer special orders of ceiling fans?

    Thank you,
    Mary T.

  77. I have 3 Hampton bay ceiling fans w/ lights that I am in need of some parts for:
    I have 2, model number: AC-YG177, that I need mounting bracket/baskets for.
    Also I have 1, model number 52-CS, that I need a mounting bracket/basket for as well as a remote control for.
    if you can help me to find these items it would be greatly appreciated.

  78. My HB fan night control box works fine for light but doesn’t control fan anymore. Fixture was in home when we bought place, so not much info

  79. Hi, we are not the manufacturer so no we do not guarantee anything. This is just a resource for site visitors, nothing more. Thanks!

  80. I need replacement blades for a Hampton Bay
    Landmark 42 inch ceiling fan.The model number is 460 249. The blades are warped and I don’t want to drill holes in a generic

  81. I need to purchase both 3 and 6 foot downrods in Brushed Nickel for the Hampton Bay Everbilt 54″ and Devereauz 52″ models. I also need to purchase 3 and 6 foot downrods in Oil Rubbed Bronze for the Tipton and Savona. I went to the store and no one could help me and I don’t see these on the Home Depot website. My husband and I own a small residential construction firm and want to used these fans in a variety of our homes. Can you please help us locate these, otherwise, we have to return all 12 fans I just ordered.

  82. I have two Windward II 54″ fans, model 523-342. One has stopped responding to the remote. The remote works fine with our other fan (we changed the rocker switch setting to test this). Apparently, the problem is with the receiver in the fan as neither the fan or light respond. What are our options?

    Thank you.

  83. I have received a Hampton Bay ceiling fan from my brother-in-law when he sold his house. It is missing one of the three grommets for the quick exchange/disconnect feature on a single blade. Where can I obtain a grommet, or can it be purchased direct from you? I have been to Home Depot and they do not carry or stock this part. Please reply to the above-given email address

  84. I bought a home with a Hampton bay ceiling fan and had to change out the pull string. After installing the pull string the light does not come on. I believe it is because of the wiring not correct. However i have tried every combination I can with to get it to work correctly. Can you provide information/diagrams for the electrical wiring so i can get the pull string to make the light work?

    Thank you,
    Keith Akam

  85. Help,
    I have a 52″ Hampton Bay Romano ceiling fan with a broken fan blade. How and where can I order a replacement fan blade?

  86. I am in need of a replacement globe but cannot find out how to go about ordering one. I went to Home Depot but they weren’t any help.

  87. Home Depot no longer seems to carry the Architectural 1 Toggle and 1 Duplex Wall Plate – Satin Nickel. I only need one to match all the other wall plates in my home. Where can I find one?

  88. I purchased a Windward II ceiling fan on clearance and found when we attempted to mount it that the rubber gasket and pin that goes with the cotter pin for close ceiling mounting are both missing.

    Where can I get these missing parts?

  89. I have a driveway lined with Hampton Bay solar lights. They worked great out of the box but it’s now two years later and I’ve replaced the solar batteries… but something is odd with the contacts. I can pry out the positive side slightly with a knife and the light will work for awhile then just quit. Tried some dielectric grease but no luck. In other the light will come on as I’m seating the battery but once in position it will not stay on. Anyone found a good fix?

  90. My dog destroyed my controller! The code on the back is uvwrf-2. How can I replace it?

  91. I want a second remote for my ceiling fan. One for the light switch, which came with the fan, and another for my night stand. Which remotes will work?
    Judy R

  92. I purchased an unused Reddington II ceiling Fan at a garage sale, but no screws were included. Is there a way to purchase them as a kit?
    Thank you

  93. I need a remote for a Hamton Bay fan- model 52-RDT
    Please let me know where I can get one.

    Thank you

  94. Desperate for a blade bracket for a S.M.C ceiling fan model W52

    I heard that hampton bay may have one that fits.. please help

  95. I need replacement blade brackets in brushed nickel. Where can I find these?

    UPC 082392264505
    UL Model NO. 52-ANT

  96. Hello,
    I lost my remote for my ceiling fan Hampton Bay Asbury , can you please help me replace it?

    FAN SERIAL # IS006010, MODEL AC 552

  98. I need 5 replacement globes for:
    Kenning Vanity 4LT Bronze

    Need contact # to place a purchase order.

  99. Trying to help daughter, they have multiple Hampton fans, however one of them is both hard wired (one switch for fan the other for light) and has remote. However cannot get the fan to turn on via either method. Can turn on light from switch, but not the fan. Have tried using other remotes (matching dip switches) but that does not work. Seems to me that since the hard wire does work for light, there are problems with fan getting power, but the light gets power. Just not sure what to look at, any suggestions? Thanks

  100. My F08UC7091T Hampton Bay remote no longer works. Do you carry the original or do you sell replacement?

  101. I need a replacement remote for a Hampton Bay Fan
    Model: AC-952RM
    SKU# 183-149
    Please let me know where and how I can get a replacement.

    Thank you


  103. I need a ceiling fan speed controler and the model number is UC7058RY do you sell it if not can you tell me where I can buy it from.

    Thank You.

  104. For some reason my fan remote does not coincide with the fan. When I select low it goes high, when I select turn off it goes low. Is this something that can be fixed with a new remote?

  105. I am looking for a replacement fan motor reverse switch for:
    Model #52-RDT
    NO: 355876
    UPC# 082392355555

  106. Only slow and medium speeds work. Fast speed same as low speed. There is no chain on this model 761-567

  107. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with attached lights (4 intermediate base bulbs). These bulbs are no longer available. How do I change out the lights so that I can use bulbs with standard size bases – LEDs if possible?

  108. I purchased 2 matching Hampton Bay fans 5 years ago one is still working good but the one over my bed is making a loud knocking noise on all speeds. When I turn power off the sound stops even when blades are turning fast. I don’t have model # & I can’t sleep with the noise.

  109. We bought the Hampton Bay Carrington fan, and I was surprised how poorly it moves air … it is a nice looking fan, not difficult to install; however, there seems to be little or no difference between speeds and “high” is slow … fan does not move air. I would recommend customers not waste their money on this particular fan.

  110. I was given a nice Hampton Bay ceiling fan/light, but it is missing the remote and this model does not have pull chains. It is a HB Mediterranian 52-CS. UPC: 082392460129. Could you help me identify the correct replace remote model #?

    Thank you, Brian.

  111. My remote and wall switch have both stopped working and new batteries do not work. My fan is 17 years old and is still working beautifully. I am lost without it. How do I know which remote to get? the numbers on my remote are:
    DATE: 0598
    SN: 20609 RH


  112. We bought the Hampton Bay Carrington 3 blade fan … easy to install, sleek in appearance; however, it moves NO air! All speeds are the same … this was a waste of our money, purchased this fan at Home Depot. Would NOT recommend this fan …

  113. I purchased a 56-inch altura oil bronze ceiling fan and it will not come on. The remote will not work it. Power and wall switch are fine. Could there be a problem with the receiver. I have the 68-inch fan and a separate receiver was actually installed with the wiring. It works perfectly. The only receiver I am aware of on new fan is in lower cap where you plug into lower portion of fan. I’m stumped. Are there additional programming instructions that can be provided.

  114. The Carrington 60 in. Natural Iron Ceiling Fan Model # YG419-NI was installed today by my well experienced handyman. The fan looks great. It’s quiet. However, even on high it’s rotating at slow to medium speed at best compared to most fans I’ve ever seen or used. It’s odd. It’s rotating slow enough on high that I can still follow the blades around with my eyes. It’s blowing air but not as much as I expected. Is this how the fan is or is something wrong with it? It is listed as a commercial fan but it feels more like a weak residential fan. Any help? Thanks.

  115. your receiver upc#792145326670 serial number 00444 melted, burned up and almost caused a fire in my spare bedroom. Ceiling has a lot of smoke damage. I have pictures and unit to show what and where the unit melted. It was in a spare bedroom and hardly ever used, if the light was turned on 1 time a month that would be a lot and fan may have been used 2 times in the time we’ve had it. I would like to make customers aware of this situation. The unit was at least 6 years old.

  116. Keep in mind we are not the manufacturer, so it is not “our receiver.” This website is a help resource for site visitors – we are not the company selling the fans, or the company manufacturing the fans.

  117. I just bought a house with a hampton bay ef200D ceiling fan and a hunter fan 4 speed fan control and dimmer switch. I had to remove the fan to redo the ceiling and now as I’m trying to out it back up I cant get it to work. I can get the lights on but the fan doesn’t work I have 3 wires from the ceiling (white, black, and uncoated copper) and 3 wires from the fan (black, white, blue). How should I configure this? When I do white-white, black-blue-black I get nothing but when I remove the blue and put it with the ground only the light works. Thoughts?

  118. I have multiple Altura 68″ Rubbed Bronze ceiling fans. they were brought at different times over the last 2 years.
    1st one was the oldest bought in 2013, works fine no issues. the 2nd one was bought summer of 2014 just about a year ago and does not get up to full speed on high, in fact the High speed setting runs a little slower than the medium speed setting the 3rd one was just bought and works fine as well.
    I am thinking that perhaps the motor is bad, as it also hums a little on High and medium speeds. I talked to Home depot where I bought them and thy told me they do not cover the warranty on the motor that Hampton bay needs to do this.
    is there a part that I can replace myself to fix this? do I need to send this back to Hampton bay for repair? its summer in AZ and right now shower is better than off with 110 degree temps outside. an y Help you can give would be great I do not want to spend another 200+ every couple years to replace these fans


  119. I have a 52″ Southwind V ceiling fan, model 434 369, UPC 082392 214548 (Bru. Nickel), vendor # 11688. My dog ate the remote control for the fan. How do I go about replacing the remote control?

  120. I have model HAMPTON BAY 52-RDT with a remote. The receiver for the remote is quite large and I don’t see how it will fit into the flush mount housing. The manual does not mention where the receiver should be placed. Can it be fit into the flush mount housing? How? Please send a picture! Thanks!

  121. new home owner. beautiful bronze fan. Remote and light
    switch do not turn off. installed new battery, no change

    model UC7083T FCCID:CHQ7083T IC:2968A-7083T


    Help please! TKS

  122. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan and light. My remote battery died. I put in a new one. It lights the red light on the remote but will not turn on the fan or lights. How do I get it all working again, please?


  123. The pull chain on my fan has broken inside the switch. I would simply replace the switch — but it’s a K.T.E . 308-A (E87438) which seems to no longer be available (and K.T.E. doesn’t respond to my email). What pull chain switch should I use to replace this? (The fan is a Hampton Bay 687-037)

    Thanks —

  124. I am looking for a replacement 1.25A 125V fuse for my light box and am wondering whether that is a fast blow or slow blow fuse. The part number of the one I pulled out is 1.25AL125V

  125. I am replacing my 1.25A fuse in my light box and am wondering whether it is fast blow or slow blow. The marking on the fuse is 1.25AL125V

  126. When I purchase a Hampton Bay 52″ Heirloom (Indoor/Outdoor) ceiling fan, what light(s) kits are available for this model? These fans will be installed outside on our covered patio. Thank you. Stephen

  127. In a recent move the hardware for our Altura 56 was lost. So we have the motor and the blades and no way to mount the blades to the motor. Can you help?

  128. Repairing zing ear pull chain on my Hampton Bay which I purchased in 2013 can you send me another. My address is 2018 7th line smith, Selwyn, ON. K9J6X5 I will pay for replacement part pending cost
    Part number on piece

  129. The remote and light on my ceiling fan still works. It is a Hampton Bay and came with my house which means the fan is 10-11 years old. The fan itself will not come on. When I hit the remote button on the fan you can hear it is trying to come on, but will not turn. Not sure what that means but something is broken… perhaps the motor. I do not have the model number and will have to attempt to take down to get this information if a replacement part is possible. Thank you for your help. I love this fan.

  130. I need to replace a broken fan blade bracket for the Hampton Bay ceiling fan model AC-552. S/N 004651 9 SKU # 171-348.

    Please tell me who to contact to obtain a replacement.

  131. My remote has stopped working and now I can’t get my lights or fan to turn on. The remote was the last thing we used to control the lighting and the fan so now with it not working we are unable to just use the chains to control the fan/ lighting. I did the trouble shooting with the remote but it’s still not working. How can I get my fan and lights to work again by just using the chains?

  132. I need a new capacitor for a Waterton II. Model # 553-663 Vendor # 11289 UPC 792145350941. Can you please advise me on what the specs are for that part or tell me how I can buy one? I have 3 fans and one of them has 1 speed. I can swap out the bases
    and the problem moves with the base. Has to be the capacitor. Thanks GV

  133. Hi,
    I have an old Hampton Bay “Grayton” model # 390-856, UPC code 047669902917. The light fixture has stopped working. Any chance of a replacement light fixture, for such an old fan ?

  134. About 4 months after I had this fan installed the remote control and light stopped working. Called an electrician and he found a hole burned in the module. I feel so lucky my house didn’t burn down.

  135. I have tried to buy Hampton lights at home depot and they tell me to go to the web site. There are to many things that I can’t find on the site and need questions answered. Please help me fine what I want. I have Hampton lighting now and need upgrades to LED and more track lighting.

    Thank You Fritz.

  136. I have 2 Hampton Bay Glendale units, I am removing the lights and am in need of the Blank Plates. Any help with part numbers or ordering information would be greatly appreciated.

  137. I am looking at Hampton Bay ceiling fan Alicante 52″ the description with the color say natural iron. Is this black or dark brownish?

  138. I am looking for the bracket that screws into the blade which then screws to fan motor…
    Uf you can get me a part number I would greatly appreciate
    John flynn

  139. i bought a Hunter Highbury 52 in. New Bronze Ceiling fan about 6 months ago.. the fan is Great. i LOVE IT.!!! Well.. until tonight. The fan is here in my home office.. and tonight when i came in here to do some work… the fan nor the lights would come on. i checked the wiring. i paired the remote and made sure that was working.. the remote DID pair.. it flashed blue a couple of times and then there was a steady blue… Paired.!! But the blade will not spin and the lights will not come on… i also tried the pull chains. Please Help!!!! David…

  140. The fan direction switch fell apart on my ceiling fan. Home Depot staff said to contact you directly. Also, I can’t figure out where the fan name/number is located. But, all I really need is the small switch which controls direction. It doesn’t work at all now.

    Thank you


  141. I am looking for a remote transmitter that was wired in by the ceiling mounting bracket for my Brookedale II 60in fan. I believe replacing this will fix the problem we have been having. When the fan is switched on, both the fan and light shut off and comes on and off over and over again until the power is terminated at the light switch on the wall. The remote is non responsive.
    Thanks for the help.

  142. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan about 5 years old. We turned on the light last week and a blue flame shot out of the light.

    The housing is now burned and the remote doesn’t work on the lights. The fan is still good. Home depot sold me the universal remote, but I would prefer to just purchase the correct lighting housing for this fan with the clip connector.

    Here is what I got off the fan –
    E 75795
    model ac552/sku 953-400 yl-lq
    upc 718212341636
    sn – 000056

  143. I recently purchased outdoor porch lights from Hampton Bay and the LED driver went bad. The part # is MD:LED-D35-2. Would you be able to tell me where I can get a replacement as Home Depot does not sell this part.

    Thank you

  144. Hello… we bought a house with a Hampton Bay fan installed Model AC-55200, UPC 792145326465… yesterday it stopped working. We replaced the remote battery and the red light illuminates on the remote but nothing happens on the fan or the light. We have no manual, and can’t figure out how to get the housing open to look inside. Any advice or guidance would be great… Thanks!

  145. I have purchased several Hampton Bay CF’s with light kits. I purchased 2-matching 52in Click in Fan System Brushed Nickel Finish with Circular Halogen Spotlight Kit the silver label on top of motor housing states: Cat#: CF-009-52 another#: 224709 – did not see any UPC codes. The 1-CF only has 1-speed now – slow. I would like to purchase New Motor Housing Replacement Part, but do not know where? I also just purchased a second 52″ Outdoor Style Antique Cream finish CF to match the first – when I took off the Plastic Wrap – WOW – what a STRONG TERRIBLE SMOKE smell – it has been in the COLD Garage and it still has a lingering odor. The 1st one did not have this smell. I would like to send this back for a Replacement, I am afraid of a fire with this one.

  146. My wife and I wanted to buy one of HB’s dual-blade “Pilot” fans, Home Depot’s item #202075536, but their site lists it as being “out of stock online”, and I can’t find any stores that stock it.

    Has this fan been discontinued? If not, can you tell me when it might be available again?

    I’ve asked HD about this, but haven’t received a reply yet.


  147. I need a 2″ downrod for my fans. Home Depot doesn’t have any. My ceilings are only 8 feet.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  148. Hampton Bay 56-ANY……..My fan direction switch broke. I need the entire wiring and everything that comes in the bottom cover so I can just plug the wires back into the fan, put the three screws and be done with it.

  149. I am looking for new remotes for a house we just moved into. The ones that are here are very old and falling apart. The number on the back is G9P2BTAUC7052T. Like I said they really look old. can I order new replacements that will still work with these old fans? Thanks, Gary

  150. My Hampton Bay Fan is about 7 years old and has worked great up until a few days ago! I have the fan with 2 lights which are all (fan and 2 lights) controlled by the remote. A few days ago, the lights both came on, but I could not get the top light to go off with the remote. The button on the remote turns red, but the light on the fan does nothing. I took out all of the light bulbs, replaced the dead ones, and the remote still won’t turn it off. Since I have to sleep with a fan on, I had to take the light bulbs out of the top light and leave them out. I went to Home Depot today to inquire about this issue. They said to contact you before purchasing a new remote control unit. Is this a common problem? Any suggestions? Is it a warranty issue? Many thanks in advance!

  151. i have a Belmont 52″ ceiling fan, all of a sudden the lights went out. The electrical part of the light kit appears burned as if it were burned, but the lights went out and there was no fire. We have two of these fans and do not want to change them. We need a new part, the UPC is 082392702250, the vendor number is 11688.
    i am not sure what the part is called but it has wires that connect to the lights.
    thank you for whatever you are able to do. is this covered in the lifetime warranty?

  152. I have a total of six (6) of your fans in our house, and a few of the older ones need to have the rubber grommets on the fan blades replaced. I have tried and failed several times to locate the grommets. Please point me in the right direction. It has become very frustrating.
    Thank you….S. Codd


    MODEL: YU-C52CF (ITEM#CD-445)

  154. Purchased the remote 191-207
    Installed (1) and everything is working great
    Installed the other (1) and the fan works fine and I can turn the light on but it will not turn all the way off… If I touch the light button, the light will come on, if I touch it again, it will go almost off, but acts like a night light, it will not shut it all the way off?
    I have LED bulbs and have the switch set to the ON positions.
    What is the problem? Thanks,

  155. I can find very little information regarding energy efficiency, motors, cfm, etc, on your fans. Most times HD staff know little. Why isn’t that information posted online? I can go to many other ceiling dan manufacturers and all hat information is readily available.

  156. Hi,
    I bought a house with 3 Hampton Bay Windward II 54 inch Brushed Steel Ceiling Fans. Unfortunately, I have only 2 remotes, so I can’t operate the one fan in the dining area. Home Depot was not able to order a replacement remote and told me to contact you over your homepage. I need an LCD Display Thermostatic Remote Control Model 60001 to replace the lost remote. Beside you have a Wifi control setup for my 3 fans. Then I would be interested in that.

  157. Looking for an 18″ Mediterranean bronze downrod. Looked at Home Depot website but could not find any listed there.

    Where could we order this downrod. Need 2 of them as we have purchased several Hampton Bay fans.

    Thank you! Michelle O’Neil

  158. Can you tell me where I can get a remote control for my Hampton Bay Fan? We tried a generic and it didn’t work.
    Model # 790-605.

    Thank you!

  159. I am looking for a replacement remote for a 54″ ceiling fan Callaway II the models # 562 062 or 526 017, can you help me find the correct remote that can be replace if this is not long in stock? thank you

  160. Can I ‘add’ a remote control to an existing fan? Lyndhurst 52-inch ceiling fan (indoor). If the answer is YES can you direct me to the proper part(s) I need.

    Thank you

    Vicki DeLuca

  161. Hello i am in need of a flush mount kit for a Hampton Bay Redington 52′ ceiling fan model – R2-RDT any help would be appreciated or point me to any replacement or universal mount that will work.
    Thank You
    Have A Great Day

  162. I have a ceiling fan. I need the mounting bracket for it. It’s the carriage house 2 52 inch fan model number is 507 248 or507 282. could you let me know where I can get a mounting bracket for it.

  163. We recently purchased a home that has Hampton Bay ceiling fans. Our bedroom has a vaulted ceiling and for some reason the change is missing on the fan. Its just the short part attached to the switch inside of the fan. I want to get a 3 foot extension, which I know I can get at Home Depot, but I can’t find any ornamental ends I can put on that extension. The extensions are just the extension with no ends. I don’t want to have to get another 1 foot extension with an end. That would be too long. Where can I get a 3 foot extension with an end or the end separately?

  164. We own several Hampton bays white indoor 52″ ceiling fans. We have now decided to remove the light packs from some of them. We do not have the cover plates and can not find them anywhere. Please tell me how to get 3 cover plates.
    Thank you

  165. Hi HamptonBay:

    5 blade/60″ ceiling fan stopped…3 yrs old…cant find serial # on fan…on-off/3 speed/reversible….control module below fan=MR77A.

    Can’t tell if failure due to remote or fan motor…..no visible receiver w/ dip switches at top @ connection w/ house per.

    Pls cal Dave Schenkar

  166. I bought 3 Larson ceiling fans. One is missing the cotter pin (looks like bobby pin on others). Can you send me a replacement part or should I return to Home Depot?

  167. I have 2 Victoria 70 inches ceiling fan model CF570ER-BRD
    UPC 845952000346 SKU: 220 683

    REMOTE MODEL DL-4109S-01 , FCC ID: Y7ZDL4109T

    My problem is that the remotes do not work and I would like a replacement of the remotes. Could you help me?

    Thanks for your help.


  168. My daughter has a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with a light which operates with a remote control. It had stopped working and a new battery was replaced, but still would not work, the light on the remote would just flash. The only model # that was found was “Fan-ID”. I have searched the internet and found some remotes that look like the current remote. From this description, would these remotes I found on-line work?

  169. My Hampton bay ceiling fan motor has stopped working. Model number 68-ATR. how do I go about getting a new one?

  170. please help me. I have a 5 blade Hampton Bay ceiling fan. The decorative bracket that holds the fan blade onto the motor ( that spins ) broke !!!! where can i get the replacement part

    thank you

  171. I am looking for this old model…
    Hampton Bay 48670 pewter Flemish ceiling fan. Does anyone know where I can find one?

  172. Maxwell 52″ Mediterranean Bronze Ceiling Fan with remote Conrtol & Light Kit [ASIN: B00J8X5WB2]

  173. I need a replacement globe for my Hampton Bay ceiling fan.
    Probably about 9-10 years old.
    Model # 48-TP
    UPC Code # 082392400934

    Where might this be found.


  174. My house came with 2 Hampton Bay ceiling fans with remotes for fan & lights, there’s an up light & a down light. The button for the down light is stuck. I need a new remote. The ones on eBay have the same remote model # UC7078T but instead of a down light it says “dimmer”, mine has an “up light”, both up & down dim when you hold the button. Home Depot says they can’t help! Can you? Please email me & I can post a picture.
    Thank you

  175. I purchased two 48″Havana ceiling fans these are the worst fans ever does not move any air whatsoever, and when I called customer service they told me there was nothing they could do for me I would just have to buy new fans needless to say I won’t be buying anymore Hampton Bay Products,

  176. I’m trying to find two sets of White 52″ Quick Install Key-Hole Ceiling Fan Blades for my Hampton Bay fan. Can you tell me if and where are they available?

    Thank you,

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